Why would I sell my house to Property Investors?

  • You don’t want to deal with the move out. You can leave any or all of your belonging, we’ll take care of donating the items to one of our non-profit partners. You inherited a property. You have a house that needs too many repairs and don’t have the time or money. You want a quick closing.
  • You want to avoid being inconvenienced by showings, price negotiations, contingency inspections, repairs an d lengthy close dates associated with traditional selling.
  • You are behind on your mortgage payments and want to avoid foreclosure.
  • You have rental properties you need to sell.

Whatever situation you may be in, Property Investors is here to help you.

Do you buy houses if they are run down or in disrepair?

  • Yes, we buy any house as-is. Our team of industry experts develop a plan to renovate the house and bing it up to date.

Are there any fees charged to me?

  • No, we work with our clients at no cost and no obligation. Selling a house is s stressful process and our team is here to make sure the things that are important to you are take care of. Whatever your situation is, Property Investors will find the most desirable solution for your needs.

Will I get as much for my house as going through a realtor?

  • In most cases when we buy houses as is, our offer will be comparable to what you would net if you invested money and time into repairing the home and paying all the fees associated with selling your home the traditional way.